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Councilman - District 5
City of Pineville

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Election Info
Nathan Martin was elected in October 2003 to fill the unexpired term of Councilman Randy King who passed away in February, 2003. The term ends June 30, 2006.
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You can register to vote at the Registrar of Voters office in the Rapides Parish Courthouse, at any Driver's License Bureau or by visiting the Louisiana Dept of Elections. Please vote in every election!

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Nathan Martin
107 Valley Dr.
Pineville, LA 71360

Home: 641-0987
Fax: 448-7065.


   In The News    

I don't want to be a shameless self-promoter, but this website is about my candidacy for the open District 5 Pineville City Council seat. As such I find myself in the news from time to time. This page will chronicle "Nathan sightings" in the news. :) 

  • June 19 - Several people said they saw me on the KALB TV5 news 10:00 PM edition and again the next day. Lori and I and our neighbors were returning home from a double date when we came upon a horrific accident on Hwy 28E in front of AutoZone. We stopped to see if we could help since my neighbor's wife is a nurse. I was able to pray with one of the people involved and helped get the driver of the pickup truck out of his truck. Apparently the TV camera filmed us carrying him from the truck. This is not related to the campaign but I've been asked about it quite a bit so I thought I'd include it.
  • June 22 - Jim Leggett mentioned my candidacy in his Sunday, Town Talk editorial. I hadn't "officially announced" but he called attention to my resigning from the Town Talk Advisory Council in order to run for the District 5 seat. He likened it to Joe McPherson resigning from the same council before his successful bid for LA Senator. I took it as a positive sign!
  • June 27 - I issued a Press Release on Friday, June 27 to local media announcing my candidacy. The press release can be found below.
  • July 1 - ran my press release in its entirety on their website as the featured item. The didn't include my picture and they also attributed the story to "" (note the misspelling). But I've gotten some nice feedback for being featured on Cenla's premier website.
  • July 9 - The Town Talk ran a story on my candidacy on page C3 using the material from my press release. The changed one quote (they quoted me as saying "I know the city employees on a first name basis" when I actually said "I know MANY OF the city employees on a first name basis") but over all it was a good story. They had one glaring mistake. They used a "pull quote" but attributed it to "Earl Humprhies, professional golfer". Bill Sumrall from the Town Talk called to apologize and said they would run another (smaller) article the next day to make up for the mistake.
  • July 10 - The Town Talk ran another (smaller) story with a picture of me on page C3. They used a picture of me that's about 4 years old, even though I provided them with a brand new picture taken about 2 weeks ago. Oh well, at least they spelled my name right!
  • September 15 - I was interviewed on the morning show at KSYL, AM970. It was a light, fluffy interview. Not much substance but fun with the hosts Dave and Lolly.
  • September 21 - The Town Talk recommended me for the District 5 City Council seat. Their Editorial Board made recommendations in all races affecting Central Louisiana. Thank you Town Talk.
  • September 25 - The Town explained its recommendation of my election and said some very nice things about me. Thank you again, Town Talk.
  • September 28 - The Town Talk is hosting a neat interactive overview of the races and candidates. You can look at candidates positions and compare them side-by-side. They included candidate positions for the Pineville City Council District 5 Special Election. You can also go directly to my profile.

   Press Release    

On June 27, 2003 I issued a press release regarding my announcement as a candidate for the open District 5 seat on the Pineville City Council. Below is a copy of that press release.


June 27, 2003           PRESS RELEASE
For Immediate Release
Contact: Nathan Martin, 641-0987, 640-4300

Martin Announces Candidacy for Pineville City Council, District 5

Pineville, LA – Pineville businessman Nathan Martin has announced his candidacy for the open District 5 seat on the Pineville City Council. Citing his long involvement with city government as webmaster of and his administrative experience, both in the non-profit sector and as a business owner, Martin said his campaign would focus on the pressing issues of District 5. Martin, an ordained minister and Main Street business owner, says completing the vision of Randy King, who passed away in February after serving just 8 months of his term was important to him. “I helped Randy in his campaign and I know what his vision was for the district. I want to continue that vision and provide energetic leadership for the fastest growing district in Pineville.”

The father of three daughters, Joi, Faith and Hope, Martin has been married for 15 years to Lori Chapman Martin and says that his family is a primary catalyst for his involvement in community affairs. “I have been very active in leadership positions with both our public school system, as well as in city government, which gives me a distinct advantage in relating to citizens and their needs,” said Martin. “From Parent-Teacher organizations to special council committees, it's all about interacting and understanding people.”

Martin has regularly attended Pineville City Council meetings for many years and has worked as the webmaster for since its inception. He says this has given him a unique view into the inner workings of the city. “I know many of the city employees on a first name basis and am very familiar with the operations of each department. Pineville has a great group of public servants and I want to help them do their job of serving Pineville’s citizens even better,” he said.

Martin’s knowledge of website design and maintenance has led him to create a site for his campaign for the District 5 council seat.  Martin created to introduce himself to the citizens of the district, and allow them to ask questions of his campaign.  “I understand that technology allows us to communicate in ways not previously used in a political campaign.  I hope interested voters will visit my site to find out more about why I’m running for this office”.

Well known for his involvement in the religious community, Martin stresses his ability to work “across the lines”. After four years as a missionary in southern Mexico, Martin returned to his hometown of Pineville in 1990 to serve as associate pastor of Christian Challenge. He served on the board of directors of the Shepherd Center and has been a past president of two local ministers’ groups. He was called upon by the mayors of Alexandria and Pineville to serve on the September 11 Commemoration Service Committee and has helped organize many interdenominational gatherings such as the National Day of Prayer activities.

Martin is co-owner (with his brother André) of Precision Woodworks, a cabinet shop on Main Street. Owning a business in downtown Pineville motivated him to want to see the downtown area thrive. He currently serves as a Commissioner on the Pineville Downtown Development District, which seeks to stimulate economic development as well as historic preservation in the “Old Town” district of Pineville. “I’m interested in improving all of Pineville, not just District 5. However, District 5 does have some unique issues. It is the largest geographic district and the most highly populated. It is the fastest growing district with new apartment complexes and subdivisions opening up left and right. We’ve got to address the critical areas of water and sewer infrastructure to manage our growth. We need to make sure that our growth doesn’t outpace our ability to continue providing services with excellence.”

High on Martin’s list of priorities is the completion of the Susek Drive project. “This has been in the works for a long time and I want to make sure it gets to and stays on the front burner. This is a crucial project for District 5.” He’s also concerned with fire protection in his district. “We need to make sure we’re providing adequate fire protection to residents on the eastern side of our city. I want to work with the Mayor and Fire Chief to investigate the possibility of relocating or building a new fire station to better serve residents near Hwy 28 East.”

Martin stresses that he intends to keep the election issues-focused and not personality driven. “I have the deepest respect for Mrs. Broussard, the only other announced candidate at this time. I’ve supported her in the past and I spoke with her privately before making this decision public. I’m not running against her, I’m running for the open District 5 City Council seat. If elected, I will work hard for the citizens of Pineville with energy, enthusiasm and integrity. All I ask is the opportunity to serve.”

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