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Announcement in Town Talk

From: Nathan Martin
Date: 09 Jul 2003
Time: 14:07:49


Hello everyone,

The Town Talk ran the story on my candidacy in today's paper for which I am grateful. However, the "pull quote" that accompanied the article was attributed to "Earl Humphries, Professional Golfer". I received a call from Bill Sumrall, Town Talk reporter, who said the paper would run a corrected story, hopefully tomorrow. So they're going to make it right, which is nice.

They did this story from my press release and did a pretty good job with it. Unfortunately they changed the wording on one thing. They quoted me as saying, "I know the city employees on a first name basis ...". What my press release actually said was, "I know MANY OF of the city employees on a first name basis ...". It's a subtle difference but one that's important to me. I don't claim to be personal friends with every city employee. But I do know many of them and I think that helps me understand how the city operates and what each department needs.

But overall I'm pleased with the article. And the fact that because of their mistake they will run a second (albeit smaller) article just goes to show that "God causes all things to work together for good ...".

Thanks for visiting my website.

P.S. You can read my entire Press Release at: http://www.NathanMartin.net/inthenews.html.

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